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Rig Mate

100 lb - Pre-tied dropper loop rigs

100 lb - Pre-tied dropper loop rigs

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A single spool of 50 continuously tied and evenly spread dropper loop knots for making the ever popular and versatile paternoster rig.

Nylon strength  100 lb/ 1.0 mm diameter
Rig Mate Knots   50 knots
Loop Length  140 mm +/- 10%
Loop Gap  470 mm +/- 10%

How does Rig Mate work?

We have removed the need to tie your own dropper loop knot (or spend a fortune paying for single rig set-ups). 

Step 1. Cut your desired amount of loops.

Step 2. Attach your favourite tackle. 

Step 3. Catch fish! 

Why use dropper loop/paternoster rig?

The dropper loop/paternoster rig is arguably the worlds most versatile and effective rig. Whether you are targeting cod or snapper, casting or bottom bouncing the paternoster rig has you covered. 

A standard paternoster rig has a sinker on the bottom loop and one or more hooks attached to the loops above the sinker (droppers). Most rigs will use two droppers that stand out from the main line but you can use more (subject to your local fishing regulations).






* +/- 10%


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