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Rig Mate

10 lb - Pre-tied dropper loop rigs

10 lb - Pre-tied dropper loop rigs

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A single spool of a 100 continuously tied and evenly spread dropper loop knots for making the ever popular and versatile paternoster rig.

10 lb has insane 100 knots with a smaller loop length and distance between each knot making it ideal for whiting, herring and all smaller fish. 

Nylon strength  10 lb/0.31 mm diameter
Rig Mate Knots   100 knots
Loop Length  120 mm +/- 10%
Loop Gap  380 mm +/- 10%

How does Rig Mate work?

We have removed the need to tie your own dropper loop knot (or spend a fortune paying for single rig set-ups). 

Step 1. Cut your desired amount of loops.

Step 2. Attach your favourite tackle. 

Step 3. Catch fish! 

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